InDesign is the best tool available for authors desiring to control the look and function of their book.

There is no better way to help the reader understand what you have to share. From your basic InDesign document(s) you can easily export the best PDFs for print, colored PDFs for reading online or on your iPad/Kindle, ePUBs for iBooks, Kobo, and Nook, and a Kindle version for Fire and the older versions.

No other application has nearly the control over typography

Experience the joy and satisfaction of controlling the look and presentation as you write. Your book becomes a much more meaningful creative experience. Your readers receive the love and attention you send their way. It's a wonderful way to write!

You'll get:
  • an ebook in Kindle-compatible mobi format
  • a DRM-free ePub (compatible with iPhone/iPad, Kobo, Nook, and Readmill)

  • InDesign CS6 self-publishing self publishing on-demand DIY publishing
    Language: English / Published: 18 June 2013


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    Radiqx Press

    Fine artist since 1967, illustrator since 1971, graphic designer since 1979, art director since 1983, teacher since 1991, author since 1994, publisher since 2009

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