Practical Font Design has found a niche within that group of graphic designers and Web designers who want to design their own fonts

The comment from Readable Web is what I’ve hoped to hear: “If you’re looking for a brief, straightforward introduction to fonts, I recommend David Bergsland’s Practical Font Design. Unlike a lot of books that make you feel like you’re seated in the back row of a crowded lecture hall, this one feels like a private tutorial…a good book, and I wish there were more like it…” Richard Fink
I have learned a lot about font design after going full-time in 2009. Part of these materials appeared in Part Two, where I went through the development of font families. But much has simply happened as I took the new techniques developed for the books and used them. It is obvious that I need to combine the two parts into a whole. This calls for a radical rearrangement of the content to make it flow better. Plus I added new materials to flesh out the content.

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    Language: English / Published: 18 June 2013


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    Radiqx Press

    Fine artist since 1967, illustrator since 1971, graphic designer since 1979, art director since 1983, teacher since 1991, author since 1994, publisher since 2009

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