My book is printed, how do I make an ebook?

I have to start here. If it is not formatted to print quality with all copy formatted with styles, as well as all graphics, your book is in tough shape. I could not cover what is needed in a short volume like this. You need my "Practical, Professional Self-Publishing Handbook".

In most instances, almost all your sales will be ebooks

You still need a print edition for reviewers, for GoodReads, and other marketing opportunities. However, if you have an InDesign document set up for print, fully formatted, the conversion to ebook is straight forward and quickly accomplished.

Of course, the first ebook to do is your full-color, downloadable PDF. This is a very simple process as you already have a good solid PDF for your print version.

Your foundation is print and your ePUB version

An ePUB is a radically different species of book. Many things need to be eliminated or changed as you convert your typography excellence into a version which fits within ePUB limitations and XHTML in particular. It's not difficult, nor is it simple. There are many things which must be changed.

This book shows you how to make that conversion, step by step.

You'll get:
  • an ebook in Kindle-compatible mobi format
  • a DRM-free ePub (compatible with iPhone/iPad, Kobo, Nook, and Readmill)

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    Language: English / Published: 29 July 2013


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