Supposed CIA operative Deborah “Stones” Stoner is angry—again. Tired of her lengthy recovery from a sniper gut shot received while working black in Jalalabad, she loses her temper and beats three assailants within an inch of their lives while rescuing an innocent shopper and his family. This draws her into the treasonous support of Senator Daniel Aragón, a presidential candidate seeking to bring the country back to moral integrity and honor. What she falls into completely changes her life. In the backdrop of astonishing threats to the country, Deborah must overcome political intrigue, military treachery, torture, and her past injuries (mental, physical, and spiritual) in order to save the Desert Southwest from the unthinkable: invasion and secession.

"Techno-Thriller With Depth, Breadth, and Heart"
This book is full of strong, sometimes sweet but always multi-dimensional female characters, for those women who might snub books by a guy. Don't snub this one just because it's a techno-thriller written by a guy. There's married love and partnership, even romance for all ages, and realistic portrayals of love that just didn't work out." Mary C. Findley

Radiqx Press is proud to release Daniel’s Mighty Men an epic technothriller

After 15 years, the saga concerning the invasion of Southwestern United Sates, forming a new country named Aztlan, has been released. The Spanish/latino/Chicano culture (commonly called La Raza) has been working for this since the mid-1960s and it has finally come to pass—or has it? It’s led by a Mexican cartel patron turned politician, but there is much more than that [China, US President, a renegade US Admiral, and many more surprises]. The only prominent public person against it is Daniel Aragón, a New Mexico senator ruining for President of the United States. His only help is a private Christian Black Ops company led by a former and legendary CIA assassin who’s now a pastor in New Mexico south of Albuquerque. This novel is a full-length technothriller that will keep you enthralled with the possibility, even probability, of this event.

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  • political thriller military thriller technothriller Christian
    Language: English / Published: 18 June 2013


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